Every year, millions of dogs are abandoned--at racetracks, animal shelters or just on the side of the road. Although many of these animals end their days without ever experiencing a loving relationship with a human being, a few are fortunate enough to be found and given a second chance. And these dogs, many rescued from death's door, seem to have even more than the usual canine capacity for love an loyalty. You'll meet found dogs who are service dogs, protectors, and friends, offering solace, aid, companionship and inspiration. Like other dogs, found dogs give all this and more, but, ever grateful, they often seem to give 110 percent. Found Dogs is a moving tribute to the power of love between people and dogs--how that love has transformed dogs who were lost, and the people who were lucky enough to find them. Below are some of the stories you'll find in Found Dogs.ogs.

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AMAZON Reader Reviews

"A terrific book for anyone who has adopted a rescued dog (or is thinking about it.)"

"If you have ever had a dog, you will identify with someone in this book.  If you have ever been owned by a "found dog" as I am, you will only believe in love all the more."

Cindy Lou, a stray that was adopted by a theatrical animal trainer who took her on the road to understudy Sandy in Annie Warbucks. To his amazement, Cindy Lou performed the part better than the dog they had originally picked for the role, and she ended up finishing the national run and opening New York production. She is currently starring in the Broadway revival of Annie.

Hugo, whose owner, Nancy, is legally deaf. Hugo is Nancy's ear; he jumps when the doorbell rings, alerts her if the smoke alarm sounds, and fetches her when the microwave beeps.

Daisy, a wounded stray who could barely walk, was found by a family who was vacationing on a lake in Tennessee. The family took her to a veterinarian and nursed her back to health. Not only can she walk again, but she even jogs daily with her owner -- Vice President Al Gore.
Jett, who came to live with Jefferson, a physically impaired child. Jett himself was physically impaired when adopted due to a bout with a virus. Boy and dog immediately bonded, and each has since succeeded and flourished largely due to their friendship with one another.
Dorsey, a timid German shepherd, abused by a previous owner, who came out of his shell thanks to a loving family. He is now a qualified Search and Rescue dog and a frequent visitor to a local nursing home where he has charmed all the residents with his calm friendliness.