TO THE RESCUE: Found Dogs with a Mission (Skyhorse Press: November 2009; Hardcover) with Foreword by Bonnie Hunt, is the latest book from animal adoption activist Elise Lufkin, the author of Found Dogs: Tales of Strays Who Landed on Their Feet (1997) and Second Chances (2003).  In these touching stories, illustrated with poignant photographs by Diana Walker, people give their rescued dogs much more than just a good home– they train  them to be certified service animals – whose missions include visiting hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes, guiding the blind and deaf, and detecting narcotics, bombs and even bed bugs.  In a world where cruelty and neglect impact the lives of children, adults, and animals alike, it’s truly inspiring to read about these dogs who bring comfort, assistance and happiness to others in need.

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CBS News interviews Elise Lufkin about "TO THE RESCUE"
TIME "TO THE RESCUE" featured on Time's website
Bonnie Hunt features TO THE RESCUE Friday, December 11th on the Bonnie Hunt Show.
She will give away copies of the book to the audience.

TO THE RESCUE is featured on Bloomberg News Holiday Book Roundup

The BARk, October 2009
by Lauren Maury

"Lufkin's book is a lesson in how everyday critters (on two and four legs) can help change the world."

Francis Pilot and her dog, Louis (To the Rescue, page 8)  featured on the Time Magazine website.

Holiday gift recommendation and review in the San Jose, CA Mercury News

Karen Lanz and her dog Marlee will be on the local ABC station noon news program in Louisville, KY on Tuesday Dec. 8th to talk about To the Rescue and Marlee's story. 
Triumph, a featured dog in TO THE RESCUE on NBC
The Aiken Standard, by Haley Hughs
Bailey and Eileen Roemer, featured in TO THE RESCUE on FOX, Tampa Bay
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Found Dogs and Second Chances by Elise Lufkin both received 4.5 stars on Amazon
Gila River Indian News features Diane McGuireand Scotch from TO THE RESCUE

We found far too many wonderful tales to include them all in the hardcover edition of TO THE RESCUE
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(note: photos for these stories were supplied by each dog's owner)

GRACIE by Bethann Culpepper

As usual, I was rushing around one Saturday with no time to spare. But something or Someone told me to go to the Albany Humane Society right now! I had been meaning to volunteer, but hadn’t gotten around to doing it. While I was sitting in the lobby completing the v ...  [read more]
Torrie Finds a “Forever Home”
By Diane Anderson

On the day before Mother’s Day, 2002, Victoria, better known as Torrie, arrived at our house, her “Forever Home”. Her journey towards a better life began when she was one of thirty German shepherds seized by the Dutchess County SPCA during a large ...  [read more]
FELIX, Prison Visitor by Vicky Glancy

Felix was an abuse case. He was rescued after his previous person tried to beat him to death with a pair of bolt cutters. The poor dog had a broken jaw, lost most of his teeth and suffered shoulder injuries. After a number of surgeries, Felix was adopted by ...  [read more]